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This archive contains information about the scientific and engineering experiments of our field missions, the type and quantity of data collected as well as information about the Principal Investigators and how to contact them.

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2024 AMADEE-24

Location: Ararat, Armenia
Duration: 05 Mar - 08 Apr 2024

Science Archive AMADEE-24


Location: Negev Desert, Israel
Duration: 04-31Oct 2021

Science Archive AMADEE-20 

AMADEE-18 (c) OeWF (Florian Voggender)2018 AMADEE-18

Location: Dhofar region, Oman
Duration: 01-28Feb 2018

Science Archive AMADEE-18 

Test location 2017 Aouda Test Campaign 17C

Location: Tirol, Austria
Duration: 21Aug2017

Science Archive Aouda Test Campaign 17C

Vertical treadmill test (c) OeWF2017 Aouda Test Campaign 17B

Location: Cologne, German (DLR)
Duration: 21-22Aug2017

Science Archive Aouda Test Campaign 17B

17A Test campaign cryochamber (c) OeWF (Florian Voggeneder)2017 Aouda Test Campaign 17A

Location: Innsbruck & Seefeld, Austria
Duration: 2-6Jan2017

Science Archive Aouda Test Campaign 17A

AMADEE-15 (c) OeWF (Claudia Stix)2015 AMADEE-15

Location: Kaunertal, Austria
Duration: 03-15Aug2015

Science Archive AMADEE-15

Aouda spacesuits (c) OeWF (Katja Zanella-Kux)2013 MARS2013

Location: Northern Sahara, Morocco
Duration: 01-28Feb2013

Science Archive MARS2013

Dachstein ice caves (c) OeWF (Katja Zanella-Kux)2012 Dachstein

Location: Dachstein giant ice caves, Austria
Duration: 27Apr-01May2012

Science Archive Dachstein

RioTinto Aouda on Eurobot (c) OeWF2011 Rio Tinto

Location: Rio Tinto, Spain
Duration: 15-25Apr2011

Science Archive Rio Tinto

AustroMars (c) OeWF (Andreas Köhler)2006 AustroMars

Location: Mars Desert Research Station, Utah, USA
Duration: 01-23Apr2006

Science Archive AustroMars

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