Cliffbot in operation

Between 01 - 28. February 2013, the Austrian Space Forum – in partnership with the Ibn Battuta Center in Marrakesh - conducted an integrated Mars analog field simulation in the northern Sahara near Erfoud, Morocco. Directed by a Mission Support Center in Austria, a 10-person field crew performed experiments preparing for future human Mars missions in the fields of engineering, planetary surface operations, astrobiology, geophysics/geology, life sciences and other.

This field mission was

  • an opportunity to study equipment behaviour involving the simultaneous usage of various instruments with the option of a human-in-the-loop,
  • a platform for testing life-detection techniques, performing terrain tests for rovers and study concepts of enhancing the situational awareness of remote support teams.
  • studying the northern Sahara as a model region for Martian deserts and extreme life,
  • serving as an outreach platform to enhance the visibility of planetary sciences
  • an opportunity to enhance different mission and activity planning strategies (published papers). 

The Mars 2013 final report is available here.


AMFS-MEDINCSynopsis: MEDical emergency database with recording of INCidents and near-incidents in all participants during Analog Mars Field simulations (multi-mission project)Medical University InnsbruckUniv. Prof. Dr. Thomas J. Luger
AMFS-SEGSynopsis: Stress, emotion and groupdynamics of the crew in the field and the members of the MSC during Analog Mars Field simulations. (multi-mission project)Medical University InnsbruckUniv. Prof. Dr. Thomas J. Luger
ANTIPODESAntipodes is an operations experiment where a loss of communication (e.g. satellite is out-of-range) to Earth is simulated. A parallel landing party on the other side of Mars is requested to take over the coordination of an ongoing Extra-Vehicular Activity via their habitat’s comms system and relay it to the experiment site via a satellite in Martian orbit until Earth is able to reestablish contact again.Kiwispace, New ZealandHaritina Mogosanu / Gernot Groemer / Diego Urbina
Aouda MATSynopsis: Medical data Acquisition under various physical workload conditions & biomedical data Telemetry (multi-mission project)Medical University InnsbruckUniv. Prof. Dr. Thomas J. Luger
AOUDA.S"Aouda” is able to the mimic border conditions a real Mars spacesuit would provide during a surface EVAAustrian Space Forum, Sillufer 3a, 6020 Innsbruck, AustriaDr. Gernot Groemer
CLIFFBOT CRVCliffbot rover vehicle - terrain trafficabilityAssociation Planète Mars, FRDr. Alain Souchier
DELTAHuman factors - work economics, time delay A.X vs unsuitedAustrian Space Forum, ATAlexander Soucek, MLaw, MSS
Deployable ShelterDeployable Emergency Shelter suitcase for astronautsVienna University of Technology, ATDr.-Ing. Sandra Häuplik-Meusburger
ERAS C3Command & Control software project for data processing in the fieldMars Society Italy, ITFranco Carbonari
GeosciencesGeoscience remote science support experiments; includes the management of all geophysical and astrobiological research activitiesUniversity of Budapest & University InnsbruckDr. Michael Rampey
Hunveyor-4Surveyor-class robotic lander with remote accessEötvös Loránd University Budapest, HUDr. Gyorgy Hudoba
LTMS-MOROCCOLong term medical monitoring system, biomedical chest vestCSEM, CHDr. Marc Correvon
Magma-White RoverPathfinder-class rover system, mobility & human-robotic interactionABM Space Education & Mars Society Poland, PLMateusz Józefowicz
MAT-EPRoutine medical survey during OEWF field campaigns; includes a field incident reporting systemMedical University InnsbruckUniv. Prof. Dr. Thomas J. Luger
MEDIANMethane Detection by In-Situ Analysis with Nano-LandersUniversity College London, UKJane MacArthur, BSc
microEVALuminescence detection of viable bacterial spores and terbium microspheresNASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of TechnologyDr. Adrian Ponce
OPS-Box-WhiteOPS-Box-WhiteAustrian Space Forum, Sillufer 3a, 6020 Innsbruck, AustriaDr. Gernot Groemer
PeniculusPeniculusAustrian Space Forum, Sillufer 3a, 6020 Innsbruck, AustriaDr. Gernot Groemer
Puli-RoverMobility tests for the Hungarian GLXP roverGLXP Space Technologies, HUDr. Tibor Pacher
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