Between 15.- 25. April 2011, the Austrian Space Forum and partnering institutions from ten nations conducted a set of field tests in the Spanish Rio Tinto area. The work focussed on the Aouda.X spacesuit simulator, the ESA Eurobot Ground Prototype, medical and astrobiology experiments w.r.t. the contamination vector analysis as well as the Phileas rover prototype. Geophysical investigations and operational tests bringing together the field team and its operations team-on-site (OPS), a dedicated Mission Control Center (MCC/Innsbruck) as well as Remote Science Support (RSS) teams complemented this field mission.


Groemer, G., Sattler, B.,& Luger, U. (2011). Preliminary Analysis of Spacesuit Contamination Vectors during a simulated crewed Mars surface expedition. EPSC-DPS2011Full Text


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