In February 2018, the Austrian Space Forum - in partnership with the Oman National Steering Committee for AMADEE-18 - will conduct a highly international Mars analogue field simulation in the Dhofar region, Oman. Directed by a Mission Support Center in Austria, a small field crew will conduct experiments preparing for future human Mars missions in the fields of engineering, planetary surface operations, astrobiology, geophysics/geology, life sciences and other disciplines.

Conducting field research in a representative environment is an excellent tool for gaining operational experience and to understand the advantages and limitations of remote science operations on other planetary bodies. This field mission is designed to be:

  • an opportunity to study equipment, procedures and workflows under Mars analogue conditions with  humans-in-the-loop
  • a platform for testing life-detection and geophysical techniques, terrain tests for rovers and for increasing the situational awareness of remote support teams
  • studying the test site as a model region for Martian deserts and extreme life
  • serving as an outreach platform to enhance the visibility of planetary sciences

Amadee-18 final report


NameDescriptionOrganisationPrincipal Investigator
Aouda.SAouda Sierra - analog astronaut space-suitAustrian Space Forum, Sillufer 3a, 6020 Innsbruck, AustriaDr. Gernot Groemer
Aouda.XAouda X-ray - analog astronaut space-suitAustrian Space Forum, Sillufer 3a, 6020 Innsbruck, AustriaDr. Gernot Groemer
A3DPTThe experiment comprises a sequence of operational and technical processes to investigate how 3D-printing technology can aid geological field work on Mars as well as operations in general.Graz University of Technology / Austrian Space ForumMichael Müller
AVI-NAVAVI-NAV will verify if an unmanned aerial vehicle would be able to navigate autonomously purely on visual-inertial cues and with on-board processing over Mars-like surfacesAlpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt, Control of Networked SystemsStephan Weiss
EOSStand-alone navigation-system providing location data of moving objects or astronauts during field-based EVAs.HTBLA-Eisenstadt, Department of Aeronautical EngineeringMartin Zwifl
ERAURemote video capture analysis of spacesuits for space-flight analogue expeditionsEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical University 
FatigueInvestigation and identification of factors predicting fatigue.Medical University of Vienna, AustriaDobrovolny Stefan
FieldSpectrometryAcquisition of reflectance and radiance spectra in an environment analogous to MarsAgenzia Spaziale ItalyEleonora Ammannito
HortextremeInstallation of an inflatable growth chamber to accommodate 2 square meter microgreens hydroponic cultivation.  Evaluation of plant growth performance in an extreme environment.ASI - Italian Space AgencySara Piccirillo
HUSKYAutonomous robot that supports astronauts in the exploration of planets (Mars) or moons. Tasks of the robot include the autonomous exploration, mapping, measuring habitat WLAN coverage  and autonomous transport of material.Graz University of Technology, Institute for Software Technology, Inffeldgasse 16b/II, A-8010 Graz, AustriaDr. Gerald Steinbauer
MIMICWe want to use voice communication as a marker of the psychological and physiological state of the mission members.Graz University of TechnologyMartin Hagmueller
MSTATTwo astronaut teams situational awareness and communication experiment. Measuring cosmic ray flux in two points for two EVA missions duration.Ben Gurion UniversityHilel Rubinstein
Rock SamplesLaboratory analysis of rock samples Emmanuel Lalla
ScanMarsScanMars is a ground penetrating radar which detects variations in dielectric properties of the ground.University of Perugia, ItalyMaurizio Ercoli
SITASPsychological analysis of situational awareness between two teams (Earth and Mars). use of qualitative research and measurement of physiological parameters.University of Witten/HerdeckeAlexandra Hofmann
TEAMThis survey study will examine key team-level variables (team cohesion, conflict, performance) and determine the “person” factors (including personality, and factors examined at the team level of analysis) that relate to the above team-level variables.University of Western OntarioNatalie Allen
TumbleweedThe Tumbleweed is a wind-driven Mars rover that can be deployed to gather large-scale data of planetary surfaces.Sir Karl Popper Schule, Wiedner Gürtel 68, 1040 Wien, AustriaMoritz Stephan
VRITAGOThe proposal has the scope to provide to the AMADEE-18 team a VR tool to perform analysis and testing based on testing in the  VR environment of instruments and inclusion of pictures of geological outcrop into the VR environment.Mars Planet, Associazione Culturale Mars Planet, Via Dalmine 10/A – 24035 Curno (BG), ItalyAntonio Del Mastro
WaterExplorerGeophone Nodes are self-contained seismic data recorders that can measure seismic waves both passive and those generated by a source e.g Hammer and a plate.Petroleum Development Oman, Muscat, PO Box 81, Post Code 100, Sultanate of OmanMohammed Al Hosni
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