Aouda.X helmet and head-up display (HUD)

In January 2017 the test campaign 17A will be performed on the spacesuits Aouda.X and Aouda.S.

Testing will be done on various subsystems of the suit to either commission new items, re-qualify evolved systems or measure performance, ranging from thermal testing, head-up-Display, glove dexterity and so on. To provide Mars like temperatures a cryo-chamber will be used to perform the tests under realistic circumstances, also a state-of-the-art radio frequency spectrum measurement will be done.

  • Evaluate and document selected subsystems of the Aouda spacesuit simulator for their performance and identify vulnerabilities. This includes the evaluation of selected complementary hardware items, such as the WLAN infrastructure, solar cells, a 360° camera and testing selected new operational procedures.
  • Identify the need for follow-up evolutions of the Aouda spacesuit simulator in hindsight of the AMADEE-18 mission
  • Provide a training opportunity for students to be part of a structured test campaign and share the fascination of Mars exploration with a wide audience.

11 different tests will take place between the 2nd and the 6th of January 2017 in Seefeld and Innsbruck, Tyrol. Due to some software programming that might not be finished by January, tests 06, 08, 10, 12, 13 and 14 are planned for February.

Test Schedule

The tests were executed according to the following schedule:

Aouda.XAM T9 Ergonomics
PM T3-A Sensors
AM T3B Sensors
PM T3C Sensors, T16 Tesla coil
T4 RadiationT5 ConnectivityAM T2 HUD, T7 Thermal
PM T1AB Humidity
Aouda.ST09 Ergonomics AM training
PM T1C Humidity
UnsuitedT11 Glove dexterityT11 Glove dexterityT11 Glove dexterityT11 Glove dexterityT11 Glove dexterity

Numerical List of Tests

The following table details the tests that will be executed:

01 Humidity TestDemonstrate that the suit performs nominal under humid or light rain conditions.
02 Head-up Display / HMIFunctionalities implemented in summer 2016 should perform nominal and show up on the head-up-display and be commanded by the analog astronaut.
03 Sensor ValidationThe sensors shall demonstrate their performance under various environmental conditions.
04 Radiation SignatureThis test measures the suits electromagnetic emission spectrum.
05 ConnectivityThe range of the suit’s communication system is tested
06 BatteryBattery characterization. In this test the batteries connected to the suit will be tested.
07 Thermal HeatingA cryo/heat-test shall evaluate the suits performance between -110° to 35° Celsius.
09 ErgonomicsThe ergonomic capabilities of the suit and its comfortability are measured-
11 Glove DexterityEvaluate the prowess and dexterity of the Aouda gloves.
13 CWSCaution and Warning System Validation
14 Mass budgetMass Budget and CG
15 Exoskeleton Stress TestThis test analysis the ergonomics of the exoskeleton for its next generation version.
16 Tesla CoilA tesla coil will be deployed to test the vulnerability of the Aouda suit to lighting produced by Martian dust devils.
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