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Description: Surveyor-class robotic lander with remote access
PI: Dr. Gyorgy Hudoba
Organization: Eötvös Loránd University Budapest, HU


The aim of the participation is testing the Hunveyor-4 in various real working situations, and study equipment behavior involving the simultaneous usage of various instruments. This includes withstanding for vibrations (e.g. transportability), withstand for meteorological situations, like daily temperature changes, dew and dust, continuous working and collecting data of its environment and climate. Our goal is testing our concepts and the mainly students built equipments.


  • Testing Hunveyor-4 portability, and ability for continuous work
  • Camera observations of the quality of surface events and forms
  • Stereo-camera observations for guiding the sample collecting rover
  • Instrumental measurements: monitoring insulation, spectral composition of the light and diurnal variations, noise, humidity, temperatures, wind speed and direction, high energy particle radiation
  • Testing the soil collecting rower: mobility, range, radio communication
  • Rough spectral analysis of the soil

Experiment Data

Hunveyor-4 <none>

Additional Publications

Hudoba, György. (2014). Analogue field study in the Sahara. Conference paper MAFIOK XXXVIII, 115-120.Full Text


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