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Description: Delay in Experiment performance and Live operations by a Test Astronaut (DELTA), an experiment in the field of Human factors - operation economics, time delay Aouda.X vs unsuited operations
PI: Alexander Soucek, MLaw, MSS
Organization: Austrian Space Forum, AT


DELTA is based on the conduct of six representative, repeatable and combinable dummy experiments of increasing complexity, addressing different aspects of operating with the Aouda.X spacesuit simulator.

Three dummies focus on fine motor skills and spatial orientation, two on physical strain and balance, and one challenges combined operation complexity on a >200sqm obstacle course. Chronopoints (waypoints in time) precisely quantify the duration of assigned tasks. Each single operation is thereby measured in a donned (with suit) and doffed (without suit) situation.

All times measured are finally plotted and interpreted, using statistical means, to derive a DELTA value characterising the average delay to be expected when operating with the Aouda.X spacesuit simulator.


  • DELTA will quantify the delay introduced in live field operations when operating with the PolAres Aouda.X spacesuit simulator, as compared to a reference non-suit scenario.
  • The output of DELTA will be, for the first time and derived on statistical ground, an algorithmic value (the DELTA value) of time delay experienced when conducting experiments with the Aouda.X spacesuit simulator.
  • This value and its subsets will allow to better quantify or qualify Estimated Need Times (ENTs) for future experiments conducted during analogue field missions, leading to an improved mission flight planning through time allocation optimization.
  • In addition, DELTA allows for deriving secondary information such as a benchmarking of future versions of Aouda, identification of design or operation criticalities, establishment of long-term time series and cross- calibration of the DELTA value with other experiments through the introduction of chronopoint measurements.

Experiment Data

03-Feb-2013 Result file and images
05-Feb-2013 Result files
08-Feb-2013 Result file
10-Feb-2013 Result file and image
11-Feb-2013 Result file
12-Feb-2013 Result file
16-Feb-2013 Result file
18-Feb-2013 Result file
21-Feb-2013 Result file
23-Feb-2013 Result file
24-Feb-2013 Result file and summary
25-Feb-2013 Result file, summary and SDO summary
26-Feb-2013 Result file and summary
27-Feb-2013 Result file

Additional Publications

Soucek, A., Ostkamp, L., & Paternesi, R. (2015). Suited versus unsuited analog astronaut performance using the Aouda.X space suit simulator: the DELTA experiment of MARS2013. Astrobiology, 15(4), 283-90.


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