DescriptionThe Israeli/US company Stemrad developing a radiation protection vest to allow the body to recover after exposure by shielding the bone marrow and other stem cell-rich organs.
Principal Investigator (PI)Rajarshi Pal Chowdhury, PhD |
Organisation StemRad, Inc.
Co-InvestigatorsOren Milstein |



The objective of this experiment of this project will be to assess the viability of analog astronauts wearing a radiation protective vest especially made for surfaSTEMRAD_manifest.pngces whose gravity is less than the Earth (The Mars or the Moon). We aim to gather key answers such as the weight, comfortability, and ergonomics issues faced by the astronauts wearing this vest while performing daily activities and any recommendation for future improvements.

The main objective of the experiment is to wear the vest for a cumulative of 30-40 hours during their operation outside the habitat and wearing it 2 nights of sleeping (cumulatively 12-16 hours). this should be enough for generating required information. The total hours can be divided between different AAs based on their schedule and availability. Each AA who participates on this experiment need to fill up a questionnaire and return to the PIs for evaluation after the experiment is over. The following procedure includes the steps of putting on (‘donning’), off (‘doffing’) and storing the vest. Videos are also provided to help to understand how to ‘don’ and ‘doff’ the vest safely.

Experiment Data

2021-10-121x movie Lousada
2021-10-13questionnaire 11.10.2021 - 13.10.2021
2021-10-146 questionnaires
2021-10-151 questionnaire
2021-10-242 questionnaires
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