DescriptionSituational awareness testing of analog astronauts during extra-vehicular activities
Principal Investigator (PI)

Jean-Marc Salotti |

Organisation IMS laboratory, Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Cognitique, Bordeaux INP
Association Planète Mars



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This experiment attempts to investigate how situational updates and directions can be shared between the Mission Support Center
(MSC) and a team on EVA. Imperfect situational awareness and imperfect sharing of instructions or descriptions among different persons collaborating towards the same goal are often the primary causes of accidents. The objective of the experiment is to quantify differences in geographical and situational awareness between the MSC and an analog astronaut on EVA. If the situational awareness of MSC personnel is correct, it should be able to estimate with minor errors the position of the analog astronaut in the field.

The basic concept of the SHARE experiment is as follows: First, a member of the MSC defines a walking path for the astronaut in order to send him to a precise location, based on map data available in the MSC. He also indicates where he believes the analog astronaut is going to be every 5 minutes. Then a message is sent to the field with instructions of how to get to the planned location. These instructions are only verbal, not via coordinates or a map. In the field the analog astronaut travels the instructed path, as well as he can. Afterwards the actually taken path and durations are compared to the expectations from the MSC.

Such experiments may also be used to train and test the collaboration between astronauts and MSC.

Experiment Data

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