DescriptionPSYCHSCALE evaluates human performance and environmental stressors via anonymous standardise psychological assessment scale.
Principal Investigator (PI)

Tricia Lynn Lois Larose |

Phone: +47 465 41 883

Skype: tricia_larose


1) University of Oslo, Department of Community Medicine and Global Health

Kirkeveien 166, Fredrik Holsts hus

0450 Oslo (Postal address: Postboks 1130 Blindern, 0318 Oslo)

2) Human Performance in Space - International Space University


1) Ana Diaz-Artiles

International Space University and Texas A&M University


Phone: +1 617 909 0644

Skype: adartiles

2) Gabriel G. De la Torre

University of Cadiz, College of Education, Department of Psychology
Campus Rio San Pedro S/N, 11510 Puerto Real Cadiz, Spain



Mars analog astronauts (AAs) undergo a rigorous selection and training process to
ensure crew cohesion and mission success. However, even the healthiest,
strongest individuals may face psychological challenges due to various
environmental stressors including isolation, confinement, close living quarters,1629013073345-374.png
monotony of food, delayed communication with MSC, time pressure, scientific or
engineering failures, sleep difficulties, fatigue, etc. In our effort to further human
space exploration in a safe and effective way, we must thoroughly understand and
protect the psychological well-being of the analog astronauts, before, during, and
after the space analog mission.

This project aims to study analog astronauts anxiety and depression levels before,
during and after space analog mission in order to better understand psychological
well-being in response to known and unknown environmental stressors. This project
further aims to study the correlation between AAs crew anxiety and depression
levels and the possibility of a “third quarter phenomena” (TQP) whereby the first
quarter of the mission may be characterized by excitement or anxiety, the second
quarter by boredom and depression, and the third quarter by increased emotional

This project has the potential to inform prevention strategies including resilience
training for the mental health and overall well-being of analog astronauts at the
individual and group level.

Experiment Data

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