DescriptionAouda - analogue astronaut space-suit
Principal Investigator (PI)

Gernot Grömer l

Organisation Austrian Space Forum


“Aouda.X” is the first generation of the advanced spacesuit simulator for future human Mars missions of the Austrian Space Forum. This prototype was developed between 2009 and 2018 and emulates the restrictions of an actual planetary surface spacesuit, like weight, resistance or limited sensory input, whilst protecting the (analog) astronaut from the environment and keeping him/her alive. An elaborate human-machine interface, including a sensor network and specifically developed software assists the astronaut during planetary surface operations. The 45kg heavy prototype has been developed to optimize interactions with other (robotic) components, like a rover, and minimize the risk of human contamination. The Aouda suits are operated by carefully selected and trained analog astronauts of the Austrian Space Forum.

Experiment Data

multi_dayEVA videos
2021-10-06Sierra logs
2021-10-06Xray logs
2021-10-07Sierra logs
2021-10-07Xray logs
2021-10-09Sierra logs
2021-10-09Xray logs
2021-10-10Sierra logs
2021-10-10Xray logs
2021-10-11Sierra logs
2021-10-11Xray logs
2021-10-12Sierra logs
2021-10-12Xray logs
2021-10-24X-Ray Logs
2021-10-24Sierra Logs
2021-10-29X-Ray Logs
2021-10-29Sierra Logs


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