DescriptionVisual-inertial Navigation for aerial Planetary Exploration for the NASA MARS2020 mission
Principal Investigator (PI)Stephan Weiss |
Organisation Institute of Smart System Technologies

Christian Brommer, Institute of Smart System Technologies
Universitätsstraße 65-67, AT – 9020 Klagenfurt

Martin Scheiber, Institute of Smart System Technologies
Universitätsstraße 65-67, AT – 9020 Klagenfurt



Proposed multi-copter platform, (c) AMAZE team

AMAZE is the second aerial drone experiment participating in AMADEE-20 (in addition to AEROSCAN). It is designed as a technology
demonstrator in preparation of NASA’s Mars Helicopter Scout to be launched in 2020 together with the next rover mission to Mars. The experiment’s objectives center around testing algorithms for GNSS independent visual-inertial based localization. It is a follow-up to the AVI-NAV experiment participating in AMADEE-18. In AMADEE-18 the experiment team demonstrated that such localization is feasible on Mars-like surfaces given a favorable selection of daytime and surface structure. The objectives to be
tested by the AMAZE experiment are:

  • Autonomous take-off under different environmental and surface conditions
  • Autonomous waypoint following and mission plan execution, i.e. evaluate the robustness of surface relative navigation for a defined trajectory
  • Autonomous landing on safe landing sites (optional)

During the bridge-head phase where members of the experiment team will conduct on-site tests with the potential next-generation Mars Helicopter Scout algorithms and Mars Helicopter Scout mission-relevant scenarios will be flown autonomously. For the isolation phase, a modified version of the code, depending on the classification of the code developed jointly with JPL, may be used.

Experiment Data

2021-10-20Zip-file from Bringup
2021-10-22Multiple Pictures, Afternoon Troubleshooting, Bringup Zipfile, Logs
2021-10-242 pics of failure messages
2021-10-2518 images
2021-10-26Multiple scripts and bringup files
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