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1 [[image:AMADEE_20_GENdescription.png]]
3 == Mission Information ==
5 AMADEE-20 is a Mars analogue simulation in the Negev Desert, Israel, managed by the Austrian Space Forum and hosted by the Israeli Space Agency taking place between October and November 2020.
7 **Simulating Mars Human-robotic surface activities in terrestrial analogues has evolved into an efficient tool for developing exploration mission architectures. They facilitate the understanding of the advantages and limitations of future Human planetary missions, becoming an added value for the development of remote science operations, helping to understand the constraints and opportunities of the technology and work-flows.**
10 The test sites will be selected for their geological and topographic similarity to Mars. The AMADEE-20 mission presents an excellent opportunity to:
12 * __Study equipment behaviour__ involving the simultaneous usage of instruments with the option of humans-in-the-loop (via two high-fidelity spacesuit simulators, portable system, etc.)
13 * The development of __platforms for testing life-detection or geo-science techniques__, robotic support tools for human missions and concepts for high situational awareness of remote support teams.
14 * __Study the analogue as a model region__ for their Martian counterparts.
15 * Serving as a __catalyst to increase the visibility of planetary sciences__ and human exploration.
16 * Evolving the __know-how of managing human missions__ to Mars deploying a realistic model for Mission Support centre – Astronaut actions and the encompassing decision making framework.
18 == End of Mission ==
20 The Mission was succesfully conducted and ended on the 31Oct 2021. As one of the main output documents we are proud to present the Mission Report to all of you. Please find the Report by clicking on the link below.
22 [[AMADEE-20 Mission Report>>]]
25 == Experiments: ==
27 |=(% style="width: 138px;" %)Name|=(% style="width: 960px;" %)Description|=Organisation|=
28 |(% style="width:138px" %)[[ACT>>doc:.Amadee-20-ACT.WebHome]]|(% style="width:960px" %)Utilizing Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to improve participants’ psychological flexibility, stress and well-being, performance and error measures|Goldsmiths University of London, UK|
29 |(% style="width:138px" %)[[AEROSCAN>>doc:.Amadee-20-AEROSCAN.WebHome]]|(% style="width:960px" %)Test an autonomous solar-powered Vertical take-off and Landing (VTOL) drone for the Martian surface analysis and photogrammetry|(((
30 University of Houston, USA
32 Airvision srl, Italy
33 )))|
34 |(% style="width:138px" %)[[AMAZE>>doc:.Amadee-20-AMAZE.WebHome]]|(% style="width:960px" %)Visual-inertial Navigation for aerial Planetary Exploration for the NASA MARS2020 mission|Univ. of Klagenfurt, Austria|
35 |(% style="width:138px" %)[[AOUDA (complementary)>>doc:.Amadee-20-AOUDA.WebHome]]|(% style="width:960px" %)Aouda - analogue astronaut space-suit|(((
36 Austrian Space Forum, Austria
39 )))|(((
41 )))
42 |(% style="width:138px" %)(((
43 [[DEAR (complementary)>>doc:.Amadee-20-DEAR.WebHome]]
44 )))|(% style="width:960px" %)DEAR-Complementary|(((
45 Austrian Space Forum, Austria
47 ESA
48 )))|
49 |(% style="width:138px" %)[[EXOSCOT>>doc:.Amadee-20-EXOSCOT.WebHome]]|(% style="width:960px" %)Field exercise for the ESA Exomars mission’s remote science support teams|(((
50 Joanneum Research Austria
52 Tech. Univ. of Graz, Austria
53 )))|
54 |(% style="width:138px" %)[[FORTIS (complementary)>>doc:.Amadee-20-FORTIS.WebHome]]|(% style="width:960px" %)Investigate the value of using the watch as a tool for Analog Astronauts (on EVA as well as unsuited inside the BASE).|Austrian Space Forum, Austria|
55 |(% style="width:138px" %)[[GEOS>>doc:.Amadee-20-GEOS.WebHome]]|(% style="width:960px" %)Geological experiments including: Geosampling, Geomapping and Micrometeorite search.|Austrian Space Forum, Austria|
56 |(% style="width:138px" %)[[HUMAIN>>doc:.Amadee-20-HUMAIN.WebHome]]|(% style="width:960px" %)Human-Machine Interface research for Space Suit Head-Up Displays. Testing different methodologies of data displaying, with a focus on situational awareness and risk perception. |(((
57 Austrian Space Forum, Austria
59 Delft Univ. of Tech, The Netherlands
60 )))|
61 |(% style="width:138px" %)[[INTER-FAM (complementary)>>doc:.Amadee-20-INTER-FAM.WebHome]]|(% style="width:960px" %)With this study, the relationship between the MSC and the field crew (Analog Astronauts) will be analyzed. We use a survey to ask some questions to both the MSC and the field crew. In addition, we will analyze the text protocols.|Bielefeld University|
62 |(% style="width:138px" %)[[INTERTEAM>>doc:.Amadee-20-INTERTEAM.WebHome]]|study of teamwork processes, effects of preceived taskload|University of Bremen, Faculty of Business Studies and Economics, Business Psychology and Human Resource Management|
63 |(% style="width:138px" %)[[MARSLOCK>>doc:.Amadee-20-MARSLOCK.WebHome]]|(% style="width:960px" %)(((
64 This study will investigate if the airlock or its sub-components can serve as a prototype of an airlock for Mars
66 Site in Progress
67 )))|University of Bremen, ZARM -Center of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity|
68 |(% style="width:138px" %)[[MELT (complementary)>>doc:.Amadee-20-MELT.WebHome]]|(% style="width:960px" %)zero-g compatible 3D printer from ESA|ESA|
69 |(% style="width:138px" %)[[MEROP>>doc:.Amadee-20-MEROP.WebHome]]|(% style="width:960px" %)Remote operation of planetary ground robots using advanced human-machine interfaces|University of Lisbon, Portugal|
70 |(% style="width:138px" %)[[MICROBIOME>>doc:.Amadee-20-Microbiome.WebHome]]|(% style="width:960px" %)Investigating the development of astronauts microbiome during and after an isolation mission under Mars-analog conditions|(((
71 Research Unit Comparative Microbiome, Helmholtz Center Munich, Germany
73 Technical University of Munich, Germany
74 )))|
75 |(% style="width:138px" %)[[MICRO-
76 POTENTIAL>>doc:.Amadee-20-MICRO-POTENTIAL.WebHome]]|(% style="width:960px" %)Evaluation of Microbial Potential Contamination by A Human, Exploration Mission in an Isolated Environment, DNA analysis of contamination vectors|(((
77 Dead Sea and Arava Science Center, Tel Aviv University
79 Weizmann Institute of Science, Center for Planetary Science, Israel
80 )))|
81 |(% style="width:138px" %)[[MOVE>>doc:.Amadee-20-MOVE.WebHome]]|(% style="width:960px" %)Effect of Environmental Stressors on Frequency and Consistency of Bowel Movements among Mars Analog Crew|Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway|
82 |(% style="width:138px" %)[[MSG>>doc:.Amadee-20-MSG.WebHome]]|(% style="width:960px" %)Exploring movement patterns in the mission environment and their relationship to self and group perceptions and feelings|Eco-encounter therapy program in ENAV NGO, Israel|
83 |(% style="width:138px" %)[[OGH>>doc:.Amadee-20-OGH.WebHome]]|(((
84 An in-depth study, analysis, and optimization of Mars outpost units and subsystems design
85 )))|The Desert Mars Analog Ramon Station (D-MARS)|
86 |(% style="width:138px" %)[[ROBOAUTO (complementary)>>doc:.Amadee-20-ROBOAUTO-COMP.WebHome]]|Provision of teleoperation capability for Rovo 2|[[https:~~/~~/>>]]|
87 |(% style="width:138px" %)[[POLLY>>doc:.Amadee-20-POLLY.WebHome]]|(% style="width:960px" %)(((
88 The experiment aims to evaluate the potential use of a conversational user interface (CUI) for astronaut scientists in an extraterrestrial habitat
89 )))|University of Bremen, ZARM -Center of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity|
90 |(% style="width:138px" %)[[ROVO2>>doc:.Amadee-20-ROVO2.WebHome]]|(% style="width:960px" %)Rovo2 vehicle with 300 kg payload capacity.|provided by Mattro|
91 |(% style="width:138px" %)[[PSYCHSCALE>>doc:.Amadee-20-PSYCHSCALE.WebHome]]|(% style="width:960px" %)Human Performance & Analog Mission Evaluation of Environmental Stressors via Anonymous Standardised Psychological Assessment Scale|(((
92 International Space Univ., France
94 University of Oslo, Norway
96 University of Cadiz, Spain
98 NTNU, Norway
99 )))|
100 |(% style="width:138px" %)[[RETINA>>doc:.Amadee-20-RETINA.WebHome]]|(% style="width:960px" %)(((
101 An eye diagnostic device is tested in Mars analog conditions
103 Site in Progress
104 )))|German Aerospace Center (DLR), Institute for Aerospace Medicine, Dept. of Clinical Aerospace Medicine|
105 |(% style="width:138px" %)[[SHARE>>doc:.Amadee-20-SHARE.WebHome]]|(% style="width:960px" %)Situational awareness testing of analog astronauts during extra-vehicular activities|Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Cognitique,
106 Bordeaux INP, France|
107 |(% style="width:138px" %)[[STEMRAD (complementary)>>doc:.Amadee-20-STEMRAD.WebHome]]|(% style="width:960px" %)The Israeli/US company Stemrad developing a radiation protection vest to allow the body to recover after exposure by shielding the bone marrow and other stem cell-rich organs.|StemRad, Inc|
108 |(% style="width:138px" %)[[TUMBLEWEED-JRP>>doc:.Amadee-20-TUMBLEWEED-JRP.WebHome]]|(% style="width:960px" %)Student experiment on a wind-driven sphere with environmental sensors|Austrian Science and Engineering Students|
109 |(% style="width:138px" %)[[VFR-eFAST>>doc:.Amadee-20-VFR-eFAST.WebHome]]|(% style="width:960px" %)Feasibility of having analog astronauts perform a focused ultrasonography of the abdomen and thorax (eFAST; extended Focused Assessment with Sonography in Trauma).|(((
110 Lindesberg Hospital, Sweden
112 University Hospital of Cologne, Germany
114 European Society of Aerospace Medicine,
115 Germany
116 )))|
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