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1 === Details ===
3 |**Acronym**|AVI-NAV
4 |**Description**|AVI-NAV will verify if an unmanned aerial vehicle would be able to navigate autonomously purely on visual-inertial cues and with on-board processing over Mars-like surfaces
5 |**Principal Investigator (PI)**|Stephan Weiss
6 |**Organisation** |Alpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt, Control of Networked Systems
8 === Summary ===
10 AVI-NAV consists of a framework including a small multi-copter aerial vehicle equipped with sensors (GPS, IMU, camera), processing unit, and an algorithmic framework that allows the aerial vehicle navigate autonomously to predefined GPS waypoints. The on-board camera will record imagery and synchronized IMU and GPS data for verification of visual-inertial odometry in a post-processing step. Data acquisitions over different terrain structure and in different lighting conditions will be compared against.
12 === Objectives ===
14 The experiment will yield valuable insights to the desired surface structure and texture for surface relative navigation of unmanned aerial vehicles on Mars. These insights could directly feed into the ongoing Mars Helicopter Scout proposal by NASA JPL.
16 === Experiment Data ===
18 |=Date|=Files
19 |[[20-Feb-2018>>]]|='yaml' and 'bag' files from calibration
20 |[[22-Feb-2018>>]]|='yaml' and 'bag' files and notes
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