MaDe - Dental treatment on mars

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DescriptionDemonstrate the workflow of a dental treatment for a martian astronaut with remote support.
Principal Investigator (PI)Sandra Häuplik-Meusburger, Herwig Meusburger
Organisation Space-craft Architektur; Meusburger Dentaltechnik


This research project showcases the technical feasibility of 3D Technology in combination with dental technology. This innovative approach presents a new field for human spaceflight. Based on a theoretical medical emergency case, the technical procedure will be simulated under ‘simulated Mars’ conditions. The results will be evaluated concerning future potential applications.


  • Verification of the application of generative manufacturing technologies for dental technology towards future human space mission and its specific requirements for the equipment, process and the space station architecture and design.

This will be achieved by

  • a simulation of a selected dental case study
  • a comparison of dental models manufactured generatively with dental models physically made by dental technicians

in order to

  • retrieve relevant requirements on the quality of the product and the process as well as criteria for the quality assessment. The expected outcome will be a compilation of a criteria catalogue to judge and evaluate the physical and the digital dental model (e.g. according to the surface properties of the model, the accuracy of fit, material, haptik and form)

Experiment Data

04-Aug-20152 .stl files (dental model and crown model)

Additional Publications

Häuplik-Meusburger, S., Meusburger, H.,& Lotzmann, U. (2016). Dental Treatment during a human Mars Mission with remote support and advanced technology. 46th International Conference on Environmental Systems.Full Text
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