Planning Strategies Mars 2013

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Hettrich, S., Dinkelaker, A.N., Sejkora, N., Pfeil, I., Scornet, Q., Moser, L., . . . Luger, U. (2014). Efficiency Analysis of the MARS2013 Planning Strategy. Astrobiology, 14(5), 377–390.
Hettrich, S., Dinkelaker, A.N., Alizadeh, A., Lupu, E., Pfeil, I., Ghasemzadeh, L., . . . Sejkora, N. (2014). Planning Strategies for Mars (Analog) Missions: Real-Time, 3-Days-in-Advance and 1-Day-in-Advance Planning. 13th International Conference on Space Operations, SpaceOps 2014.Full Text
Dinkelaker, A., Hettrich, S., Lupu, E., Ghasemzadeh, L., Sekula, A., Alizadeh, A., . . . Soucek, Alexander. (2013). THE MISSION AND ACTIVITY PLANNING STRATEGY FOR THE MARS2013 MISSION. 64th International Astronautical Congress, Beijing, China.


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