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Description: Pathfinder-class rover system, mobility & human-robotic interaction
PI: Mateusz Józefowicz
Organization: ABM Space Education & Mars Society Poland


  1. Magma White rover as a measuring mobile platform for the L.I.F.E. laser. This is the main instrument of the MAGMA rover for MARS2013 allowing for the identification of biomarker molecules (chlorophyllium and phycoerythrin) with a laser resonance signal.
  2. Hand gesture remote steering of Magma White rover. This experiment will use our new rover steering software, dedicated to astronauts. It will allow the astronauts to steer the rover using hand gestures.


The goal of this experiment is to further check how Magma White rover can be used as a mobile science and measuring platform. During the Morocco 2013 simulation we’ll continue this experiment, using the L.I.F.E.-Laser (Univ of Innsbruck & Kinohi Institute, California).

Experiment Data

05-Feb-2013 2 image and 1 video files
 Image files and LIFE laser description
25-Feb-2013 Image files and sample description file
26-Feb-2013 Sample description
27-Feb-2013 Image files and sample description file

Additional Publications


Groemer, G., Sattler, B., Weisleitner, K., Hunger, L., Kohstall, C., Frisch, A., . . . MARS2013 Team. (2014). Field trial of a dual-wavelength fluorescent emission (L.I.F.E.) instrument and the Magma White rover during the MARS2013 Mars analog mission. Astrobiology, 14(5), 391-405. 

Full Text
Meszyński S.,& Józefowicz M. (2015) Analog Mars Rover Service as a Robotic Hardware and Team Building Platform. Sąsiadek J. (eds) Aerospace Robotics II. GeoPlanet: Earth and Planetary Sciences. Springer, Cham.
Meszyński, S.,& Józefowicz, M. (2013). Analog Mars rover service as a robotic hardware and team building platform. GSTF Journal of Engineering Technology, 2(3).Full Text


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