Deployable Shelter

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Synopsis: Deployable and portable emergency shelter suitcase for astronauts
Institution (PI): Vienna University of Technology, AT (Dr.-Ing. Sandra Häuplik-Meusburger)
Responsible on-site: Polina Petrova, Vienna University of Technology


Test of a deployable and portable multipurpose (emergency) shelter prototype in case of emergency that requires immediate action and where return to the base / rover is not possible in time.

The deployable shelter is compactly packed, lightweight and be carried by one astronaut. It shall be easy to deploy and accommodate up to two astronauts (with space suits). The Shelter shall be provided for a minimum duration but up to 48h until rescue arrives or immediate emergency ceases.


The prototype is a simplified mock-up of a deployable pneumatic structure. An outer layer provides protection and can be adjusted to the topological conditions of the deployment site (rocks, uneven terrain, etc.) The volume and shape is controlled by a mechanical device of rigid foldable frame elements.The main goal of the prototype is the simulation of its operability, durability (multiple deployments), function (human / equipment shelter) and adaptability.

Experiment Data

06-Feb-2013 1 PNG image data files
07-Feb-2013 3 FLAC audio bitstream data files and 1 Ogg data files
13-Feb-2013 2 JPEG image data files
24-Feb-2013 1 log file files and 5 PNG image data files

Additional Publications

Häuplik-Meusburger, S., & Petrova, P. (2013). MASH deployable emergency shelter on mars; design studio 2012/13. Vienna: Vienna Univ. of Technology, Inst. of Architecture and Design.Full Text
Häuplik-Meusburger, S., Petrova, P., Evetts, S.N., Sivanesan, C., Groemer, G.,& Lu, S.-H. (2013). Deployable and portable emergency shelter for mars. Proceedings of the International Astronautical Congress, IAC. 3. 1777-1787. Full Text


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