Test NumberT17
Test NameVertical Treadmill
Test LeaderGernot Groemer & Joern Rittweger (DLR)
Date21-22. Aug. 2017

Test 17B Vertical Treadmill Report.jpg

Vertical treadmill

Between 21-22Aug2017, the Aouda.X suit simulator was deployed at the ESA vertical treadmill
facility, hosted by the DLR Institute of Aerospace Medicine in Cologne, Germany. The purpose
of this test was to acquire pilot data as part of an instrument test with a women-in-the-loop,
looking into walking/running patterns on the treadmill emulating Mars-Lunar-Asteroid gravity
levels with a fully donned Aouda.X.

Technical modifications were made to the suit to ensure neither the suit nor the AA is damaged
while using the vertical treadmill. This goal was achieved with the help of planned and
spontaneous modifications and extensions to the suit and the treadmill system.

On the first day, reference data with an unsuited test subject were acquired and a fit check with
the Aouda.X on the treadmill was performed.

On the second day, the fully donned Aouda.X was deployed on the treadmill.

Experiment Data

Test reportTest report (pdf)
MediaPhoto and video recorded during the experiment
Protocol and timelineThe experiment details and timeline
Test dataTreadmill and EMG data
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