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DescriptionScanMars is a ground penetrating radar which detects variations in dielectric properties of the ground.
Principal Investigator (PI)Maurizio Ercoli
Organisation University of Perugia, Italy   


ScanMars instrument will image the subsurface of the study area by means of 2d transects of tens of meters.  Depending on the available time for the experiment we can extend the observations to a 3D volume.


The setting of the subsurface of the study area represents an important element in the reconstruction of the geologic evolution of the study area.  Data will be georeferenced so it can be integrated with the observation of the other instruments.

Experiment Data

03-Feb-20182 'sgy' files
08-Feb-20181 'sgy' file
09-Feb-20181 'sgy' file
13-Feb-20184 'sgy' files
18-Feb-20181 'sgy' file and a note
20-Feb-20184 'sgy' files, 12 'jpg' files and 3 'flac' audio files
22-Feb-20184 'sgy' files and 23 'jpg' files
24-Feb-20184 'sgy' files and 19 'jpg' files
25-Feb-20182 'sgy' files and a report

Additional Publications

Frigeri, A., Ercoli, M., Pauselli, C.,& Groemer, G. (2018). The ScanMars radar onboard AMADEE-18 analog mission to Mars. EPSC 2018.Full Tex
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