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DescriptionRemote Video Capture Analysis of Spacesuits for Spaceflight Analogue Expeditions
Principal Investigator (PI)Ryan Kobrick
Organisation  Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


The Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) Spacesuit Utilization of Innovative Technology Laboratory (S.U.I.T. Lab) is designing protocols for the recording of analytical videos for analogue spacesuit performance. This approach derives how to communicate effective instructions to a remote crew, and then analyze simulated spacesuit performance. The protocol development has future applications for distant diagnosis of spacesuits, for example a crew on Mars may need expert technicians on Earth to troubleshoot range of motion (ROM) limitations. The technique can also be used to collaborate with several spacesuit manufacturers to offer a snapshot comparison between designs, validate and verify capabilities, and aid with selection of the right suit for the right job. The methodology is designed so that any crew would be able to conduct recordings with minimal impact to their schedule and with camera resources that are standard equipment.

This video capture analysis is comparable to the methods NASA has used to gather baseline performance metrics for spacesuits. This includes range of motion, joint angles, and walking gait. Aside from these essential mobility tests, standard safety procedure can be factored into EVA protocols to ensure the safety of the suit and the wearer is upheld. The S.U.I.T. Lab uses its collective knowledge of analogue missions and video recording/processing technologies to develop efficient instructions to be used by crewmembers on analogue missions. The protocol includes instruction on camera placement, framing, body motion, time padding, and file management.

Videos collected from spaceflight mission analogues include: Hawai'i Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS 2017); Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS Crew 188, 2018), and AMADEE-18 in Oman. The pilot study conducted at HI-SEAS set the framework for a more refined set of instructions. Key results and recommendations will be presented in this paper aiming to help advance analogue expeditions and missions to the Moon and Mars.


Experiment Data

17-Feb-201816 'mov' files and 1 'jpg' file

Additional Publications

Kobrick, R., Lopac, N., Schwartz, P., Schuman, J., Covello, C., French, . . . Ehrlich, J. (2018). Spacesuit Range of Motion Investigations Using Video and Motion Capture Systems at Spaceflight Analogue Expeditions and within the ERAU S.U.I.T. Lab. 48th International Conference on Environmental Systems.Full Text
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